1960 Scotch Dispenser Restoration – Made in USA

3M Scotch Dispenser m-96. Made in U.S.A.
In this video i try for the first time POWDER COATING, let me know what do you think and how i can improve.
This tape dispenser is made in America, but i don’t know exactly where.
Maybe you can find.
This are all the information about it :
Scotch Dispencer
for use with “scotch” brand pressure sensitive tapes
CAT. NO. M-96 MODEL 161
PAT. NO. 3,102,670 MADE IN U.S.A.
3M Company

I start this restoration by disassembled the scoth dispenser after that cleaning and removing the beautiful sticker.
After that as you can see i recive a beautiful parts washer fro Kai from IBS Germany.

Email Kai [email protected]

After all cleaning was done in Parts washer i start stripping the paint with a gel stripper.
To remove rust i utilized a Rust remover from England
To polish all the shiny metal parts took me so much time and so much dust from cloth wheel.
After days of work i start reassembly this beautiful machine.
I hope you like it ! And i really appreciate if you let me a thumbs up and comment!

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