Blackhead Extraction With Cotton Buds Part 2


HELOO friends .. THIS IS PART-2 OF MY PREVIOUS VIDEO and if you like extraction with cotton buds then I m sure you will like this video because I did full comedones extraction with wooden cotton tips, and after watching this video hope you will understand that why I like cup shape extractor.
this patient was having a lots of open comedones so I decided to do it with cotton buds so hope you all will like this video..
in my last video I have seen a lots of comment about the watermark of my name in the centre of the video but I want to tell you friends that I don’t have any other choice because in my previous video you can see my name in the corners but they(other channels who copied my videos) covered it with there logos so in this video I decrease the fount size but the watermark is still there.. hope you can understand.. thanks a lot friend .. love you all…