Blackheads on forehead


Hello YouTube Family and Friends! ❤️

Here is our latest video ğŸŽ¥ of the young man we posted a before & after picture on Instagram. I am looking forward to seeing “K” skin clear up. He would need a lot of extractions which means we will have lots of videos for you to watch. He is a sweet young man and I hope you welcome him to our popaholic family.

I love our group and this amazing community. When I read the comments of how friendly and kind we are to each other it truly warms my heart. On this video you will hear me chewing gum and a little tongue 👅 tide, but it was a really long day for us. 😀

Sorry for the delay, but I have a surprise for you guys. Yary has been working really hard editing 6 videos that will be uploading soon. 👀😀🥰.

Love you and God bless you all,

Enilsa 💕


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