Clean the blackheads around lips at Loan Nguyen Spa


With over 10 years of experience in getting acne in Da Nang City, Loan Nguyen wishes to bring clean acne face, minimize darkening for many customers who have been acne. Spa get 100% acne by own needle: does not cause skin damage, not much swelling, less pain and especially leaves little mark. Spas are always ready to train students in all provinces of Vietnam.
Any questions or advice, hope customers call directly or text via face book or zalo 0905712220.

– Knowledge of acne-

Surely for us, it is no stranger to mentioning acne, “an uninvited guest comes” is an obsession of almost all ages. Every time you look in the mirror, or unconsciously touch your face, you just want to mold them right away, right? But in fact, there are many different opinions, “Should we squeeze acne?”, To clarify this question, please follow along with the following details.
First, you must understand clearly depending on the type of acne we will be able to get acne or not. Picking acne is the use of an external force to push the acne core, including a mixture of sebum, dirt, excess oil, that clog pores out.
However, we should not arbitrarily squeeze acne because it will break down the skin structure and cause many serious problems such as:
+ When you use your hands to improperly pinch the acne, you are trying to push the acne core: bacteria, oil, sebum of acne out, you are really “ripping off” your skin. Therefore, this is not a “good” way, stop this action.
+ Instead of helping the skin recover quickly, squeezing acne can force bacteria and sebum to penetrate deeper into the skin, leading to acne spots and infections.
+ Acne increases more widely, spread to other areas of the skin.
+ Picking up acne can increase the risk of acne scars, which are hard to treat once formed.
Arbitrarily squeezing acne is very dangerous. Therefore, you can squeeze acne but getting acne only really effective when you are treated at a reputable address, skilled experienced professionals, if the technique is inaccurate, it is like “prickling” adding fuel to the fire”. When properly removed, your skin will be significantly restored.


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