Clean up the acne on the guest’s face

To clean up the acne on the guest’s face, when Xiaoting began to be a beautician, he trained himself as a ‘most basic’ requirement.
Because it is really pure needle clearing, you can train patience, focus on training, train eyesight, and train the stability of the clip. . . .
Whenever I saw Before & After, I actually sneaked a smile.
(Because it is really a sense of accomplishment, Aya Aya~~~~)

The number of appointments in July, August and September is now full!! Hey!! Hey!! ️
Therefore, old and new friends who have made appointments for July, August and September cannot be temporarily changed to other times in July, August and September (if they have to be changed, it is about October)
If the skin condition is serious and urgent, you can arrange a special time for you.
If you want to wait for the pro, we will ask you about the date, and you will be notified immediately.
# Again, thank you for the patience of waiting for the day to serve the small court.
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Come to Initial Beauty, you must have 3, no, no, no.
🔹 粉 ‘ ‘‘will not’’’’’’’’’’’’
🔹 Absolutely ‘‘no’’ forced marketing of products or courses for you
🔹 Guarantee ‘’will’’ leave your blush
🔸‘’No ‘’ try to clear your acne and keep you away.
In order to maintain quality, only 4 VIPs are served a day.
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