Dented old Lighter Restoration



Hi, today i restore this Rusty vintage lighter that was give it to me for free at flea market because i bought some things.
This lighter was in a very bad shape as you can see.
I tried my best to restore, problem is that logo was to worn out and was imposible to bring it back all the details.
On the Lighter it’s written ”La Concorde”.
I didn’t found any details on internet about this lighter , maybe you can.
I started this restoration by disassembling all the parts, inside, the nut that hold the spring for the flint is missing.
After all dissesembling i started cleaning all the parts with acetone to remove grease and dirt.
After cleaning i started bending back the metal and remove all the scratches.
After lot of polishing this lighter start to shine again.
I put a new flint and new wick and was ready for a new life.
Thank you for watching!