Epic Table Fan – Restoration




This is a very nice Vintage Table Fand, made in France in 1950.

The base of this Table Fan is made from bakelite and was the first plastic made from synthetic components. It was developed by the Belgian-American chemist Leo Baekeland in Yonkers, New York, in 1907.

I started this restoration by disassemblyof all parts.
After that i cleaned them in the parts washer from Kai IBS Germany with a special cleaner Purgasol.
To remove rust from the bolts and metal parts i used rust remover from MC-51.
To remove the paint from the propeller i used paint stripper gel.
After that i start sanding the metal parts with sanding paper .
To prepare for painting i used a cleaner from IBS BLITZ.
To protect from rust i applied 2 coats of primer.
After one hour in rust remover all bolt and metal parts was free of rust. To protect them from oxidation i applied a spray from IBS name MULTIFIX.
I cleaned the rotor and stator with a tooth brush and Blitz cleaner.
To remove all dents from the badge i used a smal hammer covered in tape to be more softer and after that i applied 2 coats of clear laquer for protection.
After primer was dry i start sanding to remove dust and make more smoother, and i applyed 2 coats of black metalic paint and 2 coats o clear laquer on top.
To make the propeller shiny i used polish compound fine grit and a cloth wheel.
To polish bakelite i utilized a car polish from Meguiars and a new clooth wheel.
To make even more shiny i applied original wax from Simoniz.
After that i made new gaskets from felt and i changed the old power cord.
From here i started the rebuilding!

Thank you for watchin and let me know what do you think about this restoration and my new style of editing.

Index of operation and materials:

00:01 presentation
00:36 begin disassembly
04:03 cleaning all the parts in the parts washer from IBS
05:03 i put rusty parts in rust remover from MC-51
05:25 i utilize paint stripper to remove paint from propeller
06:30 sanding the guard propeller
06:46 cleaning the guard propeller with spray blitz from IBS
07:03 i apply two coats of primer
07:25 cleaning all the bolts and metal parts
08:14 cleaning the stator and rotor
09:00 cleaning the metal badge
10:09 sanding the primer
10:30 i apply two coats of black metalized paint
10:42 i apply two coats of clear laquer
10:56 now i polish the propeller
11:21 polishing the bakelite with car polish from Meguiars
12:57 protecting the parts with car wax from Simoniz
14:25 making new gaskets from new felt
15:08 start reassembling
20:41 presentation