Explosive Tooth Pus

This patient had 3 days of swelling but no toothache. The swelling was sore but the tooth never hurt. He had been taking amoxicillin which may have helped convert the swelling from cellulitis to the abscess we see here. Anyway, nothing like cold steel and sunshine to fix this problem.

Our prices are published for you to see. No paying for a consult just to hear an absurd price no one can afford!

These prices include exam, x-ray, and sedation:
Four wisdom teeth – $1000
First erupted tooth extraction – $300
Each additional erupted tooth extraction at the same time – $150
First impacted tooth extraction – $400
Each additional impacted tooth extraction at the same time – $275
Placement of first dental implant ($1300) & healing abutment ($125) – $1425
Placement of each additional dental implant ($1000) & healing abutment ($125) at the same time –
Expose an impacted tooth and glue an orthodontic bracket to the tooth – $580