Hilton’s Method Of Abscess Drainage


A case of classic “LUDWIG’s ANGINA” needed an emergency I&D as she was having difficulty in swallowing ,closing her mouth and having signs of respiratory distress.
Therefore, emergency Incision and Drainage was planned immediately Under Local Anaesthesia.
After part preparation and local infiltration anasthesia the surgical field was isolated with surgical Drapes.
An Incision was made in submandibular region to the depth of subcutaneos layer.

HILTON’s METHOD ::A SINUS forceps was used to further dissect deep into the spaces.
Sinus forceps was “”inserted with closed beaks”” into the deeper planes and the beaks were opened inside and One can see how PUS is flowing out. the forceps is slowly withdrawn out with open beaks. Then the procedure is repeated till the locules are broken.
Finally the Corrugated rubber drain was placed through and through for patency and drainage.