One of the most Ancient Butcher's Cleaver Restoration

”Old Smith” channel gave me this cleaver to try my best on this and they also have restored this on their channel i am glad to have it because it is one of the most ancient pieces i ever got. I am very thankful to them they let me restore this kind of cleaver.

I tried my best on it and i did not change its original design i just made it more valuable. Even you can see in video i tried to take off its original handle but it was kinda impossible so i had to cut it off and then i made a new handle that was almost the same in size as the original one.

Now guys sit back relax and watch the video must share your opinion in comments how this came out at the end.

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One of the most Ancient Butcher’s Cleaver Restoration

Here is the link of its original restoration that OLD SMITH done :

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