Painful Pincer Toenails Getting Removed

In the last few years, this patient’s toenails have started to change shape, growing more and more ingrown, thicker and causing more pain. This has lead the patient to seek a more permanent solution…total nail removal. Forever.

When nails become extremely curved, to the point where the end of the nail is almost touching the other side of the nail, we call it a ‘pincer nail’.

Trauma, such as banging your toe against something, wearing tight shoes, bad circulation to your feet or even chemotherapy treatment can change the way a nail grows, making it thicker or more curved.

Once your nails have become thick and curved, they will always grow like this and you are stuck with tough to cut ingrown toenails.

Today we will be permanently removing his 1st toenails on both foot, so these pincer nails don’t bother him again! Once these heal then we will remove the other smaller pincer nails at a later date.

Bye, bye bad pincer nails!!!

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