Remove an extremely large ingrown toenail


Dr. Leo Krawetz Of Healthy Feet Podiatry in Tampa, Wesley Chapel and Brooksville, Florida removed an extremely large ingrown toenail which he feels should be mounted and placed on the wall of the ingrown toenail Hall of Fame! Where is the ingrown toenail Hall of Fame? In Tampa FLORIDA of course and in Wesley Chapel Florida and in Brooksville Florida all at Healthy Feet Podiatry! We love to remove ingrown toenails and we love very large infected ingrown nails with pas on the side of the Toenail because we can help a patient with a painful ingrown toenail. This patient found us by watching ingrown toenails from the toe bro. The toebro or Toe Bro also loves ingrown toenail removals.


North Tampa
13801 Bruce B Downs Blvd #205, Tampa, FL 33613
Phone: (813) 971-4678

South Tampa
2919 W Swann Ave #203, Tampa, FL 33609
Phone: (813) 875-0555

Wesley Chapel
27658 Cashford Cir #102, Wesley Chapel, FL 33544
Phone: (813) 388-9801

17222 Hospital Blvd #218, Brooksville, FL 34601
Phone: (352) 796-7800


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