Rusted Broken fire extinguisher Restoration



This is a very old Fire Extinguisher made in USA in 1910 by the company Pyrene Company Limited.
The name Pyrene was epitomised by their famous ‘pump’ extinguisher which was installed on public transport, commercial and private vehicles throughout the western world.
Pyrene Phomene installations were fitted to many ships during the 1930s.
The liner Queen Mary was protected by the installation of a Pyrene foam fire-fighting system in 1933.

Index of operation and materials:

00:01 presentation
01:09 cleaning all the parts with easy clean from IBS
01:48 i put extinguisher in rust remover from MC-51
02:01 start stripping painting from support
02:34 after one hour i remove extinghuisher from MC-51
02:56 start cleaning with metal cleaner
03:37 i polish with car polish from Meguiars
04:14 painting the letters with nail polish
05:00 now i start grinding the support
06:09 now i clean the support for painting with Blitz from IBS
06:22 now i apply antirust primer
06:38 water sanding the primer
06:56 now i apply two coats of black metal paint for metals
07:11 presentation



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