Super Rusted Shovel Restoration


1945 Army Folding Shovel Restoration
I found this shovel at bigest Army flea market in France, this shovel was mass produced in France, is made in 1945.
The man who sold me this shovel was a veteran and told me that recived this shovel with his equipment.
This shovel was very rusty and the moving parts were stuck.
I will keep this shovel in trunk of my car, will be very good on winter if i remain stuck somewhere :)) i hope not
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Index of operation and materials:

00:01 presentation
00:37 i brush the rust
01:00 i try to remove old bolts
04:19 removing rust with vinegar
04:31 brushing the aluminium part
05:08 removing paint on handle
05:27 sanding handle
05:57 cleaning the rust with a green scotchbrite
06:38 removin left rust on the shovel
08:41 making metal part very shiny
10:05 applying paint on handle
10:44 start assembly
13:29 applyng rustoleum
14:21 presenting the finish product

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Disclaimer: I am no professional. I am completely self taught and would appreciate any feedback, advice or constructive criticism and suggestions .