Very Rusted Firefighter Helmet Restoration


This is a very rusted helmet for Firefighter, made in France in 1920.
I found this helmet at flea market, cost me 20 euro.
As you can see is in a very bad condition, i think is better to restore it than to leave rust eat the metal. I am a not a profesionist to restoration so this is why i buy cheap stuff to restore, like that i gather knowledge.
I hope you like it.
Napoleon Bonaparte reordered the various fire fighting organisation in Paris (and later other cities) into a unit of the French Army called the Sapeurs-pompiers.This style of helmet was widely copied across Europe and beyond.

Index of operation and materials:

00:01 presentation
00:40 begin disassembly
0:46 preparing for remooving rust
02:46 cleaning rust with sodium bicarbonate and hard sponge
04:05 straightening the helmet
04:40 grinding the helmet
05:36 sanding the rust from inside
06:00 degreasing with alcohool
06:17 anti-rust primer
06:37 filling spray
07:13 sanding the primer
07:58 base coat black paint
08:55 sanding the base coat
09:44 first coat of chrome paint
10:25 polishing the front badge
10:51 cleaning the badge with metal cleaner
11:29 replacing all the old clamp with new nuts
13:39 the re-assembly begins
14:28 presentation

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Disclaimer: I am no professional. I am completely self taught and would appreciate any feedback, advice or constructive criticism and suggestions .