Very Rusted Meat Grinder restoration


In this video i restore this Antique Universal Food Chopper!

The Universal Food Chopper was meant to replace a chopping bowl.
The food chopper did not chop vegetables as you can imagine, it as more of a food crusher than food chopper.
This is very old , minimum 100 years . This chopper was very rusted and stuck.
Let me know if you have one like this?
Thank you for watching!

To polish all the shiny metal parts took me so much time and so much dust from cloth wheel.

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Index of operation and materials:

00:01 presentation
00:33 begin disassembly
02:36 start cleaning the parts in parts washer from IBS
03:20 i put rusty parts in rust remover MC-51
03:41 restoring the wood handle
04:55 after 30 minutes cleaning the derusted parts from mc-51
05:56 grinding all the parts with wire wheel
07:05 start sanding to make mirror polish surface on chopper
08:06 make new thread for the handle
09:27 apply the primer
09:49 apply 3 coats of brake caliper red paint
10:24 make the letters black
11:00 painting the handle
12:25 start reassembling
13:58 presentation
14:51 the real test